Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hamas invited to Russia for talks ... More Propaganda or has Putin changed his mind?

Well it had to happen ...

As reported by ... Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service

"Hamas lawmaker Halil al-Haya on Thursday claimed, however, that Russia had invited officials from the Islamic group to visit Moscow for talks.

Al-Haya told a Hamas-affiliated Palestinian magazine that the Russian government had officially invited a Hamas delegation, headed by Damascus-based Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal, to Moscow. Al-Haya would not specify the date, but said the visit would be in the coming days."

With Damascus based Khaled Meshal invited it appears that a statement will come out of such talks with clarification as to the new status. It appears certain that Hamas has requested such a meeting.

What do they hope to gain?

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