Friday, August 8, 2008

POST: Campaign 2008.
Russia military action in S. Ossetia and Georgia - UPDATE: 081508

Measuring response from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign as it relates to US / Russian Policy.

In response to the following statement:
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"We cannot shoot from the hip," Susan Rice, Obama's senior foreign policy adviser told MSNBC on Tuesday. "We cannot act on the basis of ideology or preconceived notions. When this crisis began, Sen. Barack Obama, the administration ... and all of our NATO allies took a measured and reasoned approach because we were dealing with the facts as we knew them."

The only thing that can be verified here is that Sen. Obama oddly agrees with George Bush on a foreign policy matter (note: Using NATO as cover). Otherwise, this is not true and shows a lack of understanding, on the spot, of a potentially far reaching crisis. (note: campaign shift response.)

(note: The US has been mediating between the countries for the past 2 years. The Israelie (Private Contractor) Military advisor's were ordered to leave the country in April of 2008. These advisor's have been quoted in the popular press saying that the Georgians they encountered expected this current action.

(note: *** Sen. John McCain)


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