Monday, December 1, 2008

What if the US wins the Iraq war?

This is a lingering question that recently was spoken about by US President George Bush. That the Iraq government has all but agreed on a tactical pullout of US and Coaliion forces by 2012(!) what does this say to all of the war naysayers? What does the expanded US / NATO efforts in Afghanistan say to Russia? Success? Failure? It's a known fact that nobody wanted us to be there in the first place, but what happens when the US pulls out and Iraq staves off the inevitable Iran hyper influence? Did the US win the war and would the Left agree as such?

As soon as the new front in Afghanistan is expanded, we might be seeing the end of one chaos packed war morph into another...with far worse consequences here and abroad.


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Ziontalkracy said...

The acquiescence of the Iraqi government in the US/coalition- forces pullout by 2012
suggests that the Iraqis are more confident in their own ability to counter the insurgency than in the security that comes from regional stability. To the naysayers who saw the war as an overreach of Big Oil and the consolidation of extra-constitutional powers, the withdrawal is a victory by American and Iraqi resistors of the administration's campaign to deceitfully justify terrorism and Halliburtonian (rather than American) oil-based profiteering. To the administration (both going and coming), containing WMD capabilities and their associated usage probabilities in Iran, Afganistan, and Pakistan provided the original incentive to attack Iran and Pakistan and continues to drive military strategy. The expanded US/NATO efforts in Afghanistan threaten Russian dominance over the oil in the Casian region. But it will not be lost on them that the United States has a strategic interest in being able to manage Pakistani terrorism and block Islamic militants from taking over the Pakistani government's nuclear submarines. The Russians will also see the move as an effort to obtain a base from which to launch attacks on their soon-to-go nuclear allies in Iran.