Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hamas rethinks its position. Israel blinks. The world thinks.


Has the state of Israel experienced a positive reaction in world opinion on the matter of their right to exist during the war in Gaza? Has the Israelie media team some how managed to shape global expression?
The expected immediate and violent backlash has not happened from the Arab world – yet. Israel seems to have shaped world opinion to believe that it is acting in self defense. This global RS ( Reaction Scenerio) seems familiar to how the United States was perceived immediatly after the World Trade Center attacks. This manifestation and growth of world opinion based on events has happened swiftly and will last for just a few short days. It has happened in the past. Can Israel negotiate swiftly its way out of the conflict with world opinion intact? Will they get what they came for - The complete cessation of rocket and mortar fire into Israel with International assurance that it will not occur? Will a prisoner exhange be part of the negotiation? Will we know?

Has Israel finally taken on the task of engaging with the world community as a debater of its right to exist by taking on the enormous task of speaking to the world in real time - across all platforms, media’s, and possibilities? We think so. But if Israel keeps out world media and produces a carnival of media (cool smart bomb shots posted to the web …) that results in perceived true or not distortions, which they will most certainly be spun into, then make haste or be ready to take on the global swarm.

There's no turning back.

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