Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Hamas can cease fire ...

The Palestinian Israeli conflict reaches a crucial cross-road. Israel is demonstating to its enemies and the world that it will act capably on the ground and thoughtfully in the media by exposing how the untruths of Arab propaganda victimize Arabs first.

Israel has been in a state of war since May 1948. Wars are fought to be won. The scope of anti-Israel militancy has expanded to "Jews" anywhere, any time -- and with disproportionate cruelty to the victims. It was not always like this. This probably did not go unnoticed to Israel's politicians and military of the savagery taking place under the guise of resistance.

Whatever illusions came from Israel's retreat at the hands of Hizbollah, the Israelis are now showing that if Hamas remains incapable of accepting peace and two sates, Israel can destroy them.

Hamas has an opportunity to act and take charge of the bully pulpit they currently claim. They have Hezbollah as an example in Lebanon. Hamas has proven itself as fierce fighters. Standing on the dead bodies of your comrades with everything destroyed around you and rattling your Saber is no way to claim victory. Put down your arms and pick up ploughs and partnerships from whom you choose. Remember the people you are trying to save.

Notes: Jewish refugees fleeing the fighting:
Move to New Palestine and attempt tp take their plight to the heart of the matter.

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