Thursday, September 30, 2010

From the US and Middle East desk ... This is and ... signing on.

Hello faithful lurkers of and

Our media watch process has picked up another digital political riff on the global cyberwaves. We have not witnessed such movement since the days following 9/11.

Right now we are witnessing a series of diplomatic activity via the US, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Jordan, and Palestine (and of course the rest of the globe) that has ignited this blog again.

In our observation, our country (and the world) is at a geopolitical strategic cross roads that is playing out in the Middle East peace process, US midterm election cycles, and the crucial Afghan war being fought as a violent chaotic free-for-all in lawless territories.

As you know, we have been following the Middle East discussion for some time via our @freeRADlab, @betalab, @ZionTocracy, @PoliticiansTV, @Behaviorologist, and Kosher Wiki eco-system. Please continue to follow along and post when possible.

We'll track this new discussion as best we can to see who's who and what's what as it unfolds right before our eyes.

We look forward to your comments.

(Draft) Statement:
This country is turning Red again but in a way that perhaps is inherently more militant than the George Bush II years. In a series of electoral upsets, but not surprising to media cybernauts, the GOP is splintering, for real this time. This is no Steve Forbes single issue assault or a Ross Perot Mirage, these are "Americans" as defined by this countries Anglo traditions. These citizens are at the heart of every state in the US. They are fighting US wars, harvesting fields, putting the goods on and off ships, and spending the money to keep it all going. Or so they say. This does not appear to be simple "protest" votes.

To some, this is an army of believers that are only now gaining steam and uniting. They are inherently hostile and radical, on demand, when it comes to their beliefs of core issues such as the constitution, modern day immigration, religion, education, and distribution of wealth and property. What this organization lacks right now, is leadership.

Democrats have a much more "fierce" and "partisan" opponent on their hands. As of our post, we are very surprised they seem to be only snickering at the accusations and actual misdeeds of these candidates by labeling them as "scary," "Insane," "Frightening," and more. We wonder what skeletons sit in the Democrats and their Progressive Partisans closet's?

We hope you find the discussion interesting and join in. Please contact us directly with any thoughts at the news desk: 215 592 - 1242.


Benjamin F. Barnett
Bureau Chief /
Media Strategist

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