Friday, September 28, 2007

Peace conference Plot twists ... Part II and so on ...

Notes ... Ongoing.

Annapolis Peace Conf:
Over the past months, with the announcement of an intended peace conference, twists and turns and the real method to working on peace in the Middle East reveals itself ... Out of site of the public eye but speaking for the people ...
no matter how small ... Then leaking ideas to the Press and other trusted parties.
STATUS ongoing.

As the road to Israel and Palestine moves closer to the two state solution, so does the winds of power shift throughout the Middle East. Discussions stand on a series of status demands including, Jerusalem; refugees; settlers; and more.
Saudi Arabia has become the Arab broker / negotiator, replacing Egypt for now. Egypt effective in Gaza? Currently upending Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who tried.

1991 Madrid Peace Conference,
bilateral talks began in Washington between Israel and a non-P
1993 Oslo peace negotiations
2002 Saudi Initiative (1967 Border negotiations) via Arab League in 2002.

Did Syria and Saudi Arabia react as a counter weight to being "left behind?"
Does the Monarchy in Saudi Arabia fear being not at the table of a "Historic Moment?"

Syria and Israel had reportedly (major Int. press) sorted out (logistically) the main issues to withdrawing from the Golan Heights several years ago. The last time Syria and Israel met, in Shepherdstown, WV in 1999/00 agenda's and major issues of dispute were laid out. (Press) All parties brought with them advisors, technicians, and military people to discuss the details and scope of border issues, border demarcation, legal, normalization, economics, and other details. Documentation? (PRESS)

Syria says she wants peace. Or is she a Trojan Horse? How is she explaining her actions to her Iranian Ally?

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