Friday, September 21, 2007

Opinion - War Drums keep rolling ...

Has the war started?

Is it possible that the first battle ground in the next World War is via proxy in Lebanon and Pakistan? Has it started? The most recent assassination of a Lebanese Member of Parliament and Chairman of Parliament’s Defense Committee Walid Eido in West Beirut’s Manara district, along with his son and four other people, the fourth such political murder in the past year, is witness to a trend. The majority grows weaker. In Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf plays a cat and mouse game with the rule of the Courts and Islamicists bent on his death. Martial law is now status quo.

In partial response, Israel's stunning, deliberate, genius, and extremely risky air raid on a Syrian position, now being described in the press by multiple Western sources as a "nuclear" meeting/exchange between North Korea and Syria.

The US then says they are ready to speak with the Syrians ...

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