Monday, September 10, 2007

Prepping for war .. the SPIN is on ...

War SPIN is in full effect ... Where is this headed?

- Israel penetrates Syrian Radar and is credited with "jamming" the signal. Their success demonstrates to Damascus and Tehran that their new Russian anti-air system leaves them vulnerable. Russian denies even selling them the systems...

- Syrian commentator Az a-Din Darwish wrote in an article published in an official Syrian newspaper that Syria has fought against Israel before, and is prepared to face any possibility.
"Syria possesses the experience and ability that make it ready for any possibility, as long as it has to do with land, sovereignty and respect," Darwish wrote in the Syrian newspaper "Tishrin."

- Everybody thought he was dead (or still is), but Osama bin Laden appears on a video confident, youthful, and providing a "Convert" or die offer just before the 9/11 anniversary. Will the world blink?

- Since July of 07, the US has had 3 carrier (Battle Groups) including PsyOps warriors preparing for war. The USS Enterprise, USS John C. Stennis, and USS Nimitz carrier strike groups are in the Gulf as well as the Mediterranean off the coast of Lebanon. If Iran is engaged, our thought is that Israel will have to provide strategic and punishing blows to Hezbollah and Hamas.

- Who will the allies be? India? Jordan? The Kurds? Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Kuwait?

* NOTE ** The USS Enterprise is the longest naval vessel in the world and carries 66 aircraft.

Ratching up the War talk with Iran .. It looks like the campaign, on since 2001 or 2005 depending on who you speak with, is now about to enter a critical phase ...

Iranian government spokesman says the attempts by the nation's enemies to worry the neighboring states are part of their psychological warfare.§ionid=351020101

Using PsyOps in War ...

... See next months post ... "Where it stops, nobody knows ... "

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